... from the plains to the Alps

Tradition & Innovation

In its Geneva Atelier, WOCS brings its creations to life and craft them on unique art paper from the Maison Hahnemühle. Each piece is available in a limited edition and printed according to the highest standards and requirements of international museums and galleries. Each creation is signed, numbered and comes with an authenticity certification.

The Atelier visual universe seizes the eye with a serene and evasive atmosphere that arises from each of its representations, giving free rein to imagination. WOCS waltzes with some of the greatest classics of Swiss tourism mythology, improving them with a unique touch of vintage modernity. Those are not retro designs, those are modern day creations using the spirit of an aesthetic legacy of excellence. It is a revisit with contemporary references to pop culture, which are sometimes cinematographic, sporting or cultural. The stylized approach to drawing is subtly balanced by a realistic color range. Deep and starry skies, soft auroras, snowy or rocky mountains and endless roads... A compelling incentive to go on an adventure.